Why Everything Hot Dog? 

Honeymoon Hot Dog

How can anyone write all about Hot Dogs you might ask, well let me tell you I love hot dogs and have since I was a kid. The picture above was taken on my honeymoon, just goes to show that I will seek out a Hot Dog anytime anywhere. To me there is no better food in the world than a hot dog! It is versatile,easy and inexpensive, what else can you ask for? The best part is that even I can cook them to perfection almost every time!

So why Everything Hot Dog? I have always had a dream and still do of owning my own Hot Dog Restaurant and while searching out information about the how, what, when, why and where, I realized that there is a lot of great information out there on some really fantastic sites but I had to go to all of them to try and put it all together.Like most people I will seek out information if I really like a subject but after a while it got annoying so I decided to start putting what I knew and had learned into a single location, Everythinghotdog.com. I decided I would start this site to put it all together in basic terms that I could understand and hopefully help others find some of the information and resources they were looking for. This is kind of my research put into a website, I am not an expert or professional business development guru, just a guy who loves hot dogs and everything they have to offer.

Everything Hot Dog is a ever growing site with the ability for you to participate and add your thoughts, comments and insights. You have the ability to add your own recipes, share reviews of great restaurants or vendors you have experienced, add your favorite brand of Hot Dog to our brands list and more..... This site is meant to be fun, entertaining and hopefully from time to time a little informative.

If you have a comment, suggestion or would like more information on a subject you do not see here please do not hesitate to let me know. I hope you enjoy Everything Hot Dog as much as I am enjoying creating it!


Your fellow hot dog connoisseur,

W. Dennis Gregory

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