Kahn's Logo

Kahn's Logo

What began as a simple neighborhood retail Meat market in 1883 soon became a Cincinnati favorite. Perhaps founder Elias Kahn selected the American Beauty Rose as his trademark knowing his company would continue to bloom and grow. It didn’t take long for him to become known as the preferred provider of select cuts of Meat and several varieties of sausage. After his death in 1899, his children founded E.Kahn’s and Sons

Albert, Eugene, Louis, Nathan and daughter Matilda took over the family business where it continued to expand with their father’s commitment to quality. By 1926, E.Kahn’s and Sons was one of the largest independent Meat processing companies around.

Kahn's quality and mildly seasoned meats resulted in regional demand, as the business continued to thrive for over 80 years.

When the last of the Kahn brothers died in 1948, Matilda's son, Milton Schloss, became the company's president. In 1966, the company was sold to Consolidated Foods Corporation. 10 years later, the Sara Lee division of Consolidated Foods expanded after purchasing Hillshire Farm and Rudy's Farm.

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