Masterlink Sausage and Meats Company

by Masterlink Sausage and Meats Company
(Fullerton, CA, USA.)

Spicy Cajun

Spicy Cajun

Spicy Cajun
Large Polish
Our Best Seller - Portuguese Hawaiian

We live and breathe sausage. We know everything there is to know about making it, cooking it, smoking it and flavoring it. Quite frankly (Ha!) we are the masters of sausage and you are our beneficiaries!

Masterlink Sausage and Meats Co. was created out of a passion for making the finest products of their kind. As a family business, we instill a desire to only use the finest, freshest and highest quality ingredients. Dispelling the myths about the “mystery” of sausage, we only use the best cuts of meat in order to come up with the best sausage you will ever taste.

Masterlink lives by the credo "Hardcore since ’64" because since the time when we first opened our small butcher and sausage shop in the town of Fullerton, nothing has been produced and sold to the public without the highest scrutiny and attention to the utmost in quality.

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