The Original Hot Dog Shop
or The "O" 

The Original Hot Dog Shop founded in the shadows of Forbes Field during the Pittsburgh Pirates’ 1960 World Series Championship season.

Over the years the shop originally named “House of Beef” and “Franks & Burgers” was renamed “The Original Hot Dog Shop”. The Original Hotdog Shop has been shown on various television programs such as The Food Network’s “Unwrapped”, The PBS Special ”A Hot Dog Program” not to mention several other magazines and newspaper articles.


Over the last 52 years the Oakland community of Pittsburgh has experienced vast transformation being home to many of the region’s leading universities and hospitals. The Original Hot Dog Shop has an incredible history to match the development of such a special neighborhood. The Oakland Community has changed since Syd opened his store in 1960. Yet, The “O” is a throwback in time. It is a place where people came to find a quality hot dog, burgers, fries and friends. The store continues to adapt and survive amidst all of the radical change around it. Today, there is much more competition from other restaurants, Forbes Field and Pitt Stadium are memories, the Universities and Hospitals have massively modernized and expanded, yet, the Orginal Hot Dog Shop remains a vibrant token of a bygone era.

The  "O's" dogs include the "Original"  which is a pork and beef natural casing dog. Or you can order an all-beef "Super Deluxe Kosher Style." They're both made by nearby Silver Star Meats, with a "secret recipe." Then there's the "Superdog" and the "Hot Dog Parmesan" with red sauce and provolone. Standard toppings, applied behind the counter—chili, cheese sauce, relish, mustard, onions, pickles, ketchup—are also available.

One thing that sets the Original Hot Dog Shop apart is they really know how to cook a dog right, grilled on a flat top to a nice wrinkled crust. Not burnt or dried out. Other places that serve flat-grilled dogs barely seem to get any color on them, they almost appear and taste like they boiled them.The "O"is able to achieve the perfect level of crust that really makes a natural casing dog (in my opinion)the creme of the crop..

And then there's the fries. Do not miss the fries. Twice-fried in peanut oil, hand-cut, crunchy and crisp. Probably the best I've had this year. These are the fries that every restaurant and pub wants to do but can't seem to get right. The reason is the O's dedicated fry station, a long line of fryers and mountains of golden par-cooked potatoes just waiting to be fried to order and piled onto a parchment lined cafeteria tray.

The Original Hot Dog Shop
3901 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh PA 15213



10AM-3:30AM - 7 DAYS A WEEK!