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Smith's Logo

Smith Provision Co., Inc. is a manufacturer of premium quality wieners, sausages, deli meats, bacon and award winning hams located in Erie, Pennsylvania where it is owned and operated by the Weber family.

Anton "Tony" Weber was born in the Bavarian town of Aitrang, Germany in 1900. As a young boy he was an apprentice with a local butcher who taught him the valued tradition of making fine sausages and smoked meats. In the early 1930’s Tony moved from Germany to New York City where his skills as an experienced sausage maker secured him a job at a local butcher shop. In 1937 Tony, with the support of his wife Louise, co-founded the company of Schaller & Weber – which quickly became a local favorite. Over the next several years, Tony and his partner grew the business, which still exists today in Brooklyn, NY. Tony longed for a way to convince his son Magnus and Magnus’ wife Getraud to join him in the United States, and when he saw an advertisement for a small butcher shop for sale in Erie, Pennsylvania, he knew just how to do it. In 1949 Tony and Magnus purchased that small butcher shop which was named “Smith’s”.

The Smith Provision Company itself was founded in 1927 by Harry Smith, who at that time operated Smith’s as a small retail butcher shop. When the Weber family purchased the business, they changed the focus from retail to manufacturing, and with their authentic old world style recipes, quickly built a reputation around town as a purveyor of high quality, premium meat products.

The business has grown over the last 80 plus years from a small, two person retail outlet, to a full service meat processing manufacturing facility which employs over 40 full time individuals. Tony’s grandsons Mike and John now run the business, along with Mike’s daughters, Emily Weber and Sara Kallner, and Mike’s son-in-law Ray Kallner. Smith’s products can be found in retail outlets as far south as the Pittsburgh, PA region and as far north as the Buffalo, NY region. Because requests for Smith’s legendary product reaches all over the country, the Company also offers a direct shipping service for those loyal Smith’s fans who do not live near a Smith’s retailer.

Smith’s, a fourth generation family owned business, continues its quest for high quality, premium product. Customer satisfaction is something that the Weber Family prides itself on and guarantees.

When I want a Great Hot Dog Off the Grill to me Nothing Is better than a Smith's with a toasted bun somme mustard and a spash of onion!

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