Vienna Beef

Vienna Beef Logo

Vienna Beef Logo

Vienna Beef is a manufacturer of the hot dog used in the classic Chicago style hot dog.

Their factory resides at the intersection of Elston, Damen and Fullerton Avenues in the city, on the Chicago River. The company has been located in Chicago since the Columbian Exposition of 1893.

Emil Reichel and Sam Ladany immigrated from Vienna, Austria to Chicago in the 1890s. During the Columbian Exposition they sold Hot Dogs to the many visitors of the Exposition. In 1894, Reichel and Ladany opened a storefront on Halsted Avenue on Chicago's West Side. In 1900, Vienna Beef began to sell and deliver to other stores and restaurants in Chicago. During the Great Depression, a number of Vienna Beef vendors begin advertising that their hot dogs have a "salad on top," giving rise to the traditional Chicago-style hot dog. In 1950, Vienna Beef distribution spread to other Midwestern states, and in the 1960s, Vienna Beef began selling in supermarkets.

Vienna Beef supplies Hot dogs to several restaurants in the Chicago area, each with a specially tailored variation. These variations include different casings and ratio of ingredients.In Chicago, more than 80% of the 1,800 plus hot dog vendors proudly feature Vienna Beef products.

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